Monday, November 5, 2012


This Halloween was super busy! The kids had an early out day, so the fun started earlier than normal. They got out at 1:50pm, and I began to help them get ready. Then I had to rush to a parent teacher conference with Braden's teacher, Mrs. Bricker. I got home and hurried to put on my stuff and finish helping the kids. We then headed to the downtown Fruita "trick or treat street" where Gary's office and a bunch of the other local business provide trick-or-treaters with treats from 3pm-5pm. We stayed there for about an hour, then rushed home to decorate our trunk for the church's "trunk or treat" party. I finished making homemade chicken noodle soup and then we went to our friend's house (the Dare's) for a soup dinner. Then we were off again to the trunk or treat parking lot of the church. The kids loaded up on candy like you wouldn't believe. I will admit, I totally overbought candy to pass out with the hope that there would be some left over for me to just keep. I purposefully held onto my Reese's Peanut Butter Cups until the end! I was able to have that whole bag to just keep at the house. Yum. I am glad I did that because most of what the kids got was tootsie rolls and such. Not as yummy. The kids hit a few streets on the way back from the church and then they were done. 

As always, they dumped their loot on the floor as soon as they got home and sorted all their candy and then proceeded to trade with each other. I used to do that as a kid too...I guess that is just what you do!
Braden with his buddy Quinn. Scary ninjas! 
Aubree had the idea to go as Salt and Pepper with her friend Savannah.  And, um, is not the music group! A lot of people asked if she knew the group. I'm like, "she's 8, she's never heard of them!" However, I remember many a fun time singing along with their songs! I do not think I would want her singing their lyrics, though...hehe. Thanks to my friend, Megan (Savannah's mom), we ended up coming up with a pretty good costume for the girls.
Kylee made a cute Dorothy!  Thanks to my sister-in-law, Kristin, for letting us borrow it! It was my niece's costume when she was 14. Funny that Kylee fit in it perfectly. I thought for sure it would be too big but it worked out great.
Gary and I went as "Fruit Ninja's" (you know, like the app?) 
Aubree and Savannah as Salt and Pepper. They were fun to watch trick or treat together! 
My best Asian impression


Valery G. said...

Happy Halloween! Love your costumes;-) You are all very creative! Great Asian faces are beautiful even when you are trying to be a ninja.

Chad, Mindy and girls said...

Yay! You're back to blogging :) Your trip looks like a blast! Glad you had fun! And loved your Halloween guys are so creative!