Monday, November 5, 2012


This Halloween was super busy! The kids had an early out day, so the fun started earlier than normal. They got out at 1:50pm, and I began to help them get ready. Then I had to rush to a parent teacher conference with Braden's teacher, Mrs. Bricker. I got home and hurried to put on my stuff and finish helping the kids. We then headed to the downtown Fruita "trick or treat street" where Gary's office and a bunch of the other local business provide trick-or-treaters with treats from 3pm-5pm. We stayed there for about an hour, then rushed home to decorate our trunk for the church's "trunk or treat" party. I finished making homemade chicken noodle soup and then we went to our friend's house (the Dare's) for a soup dinner. Then we were off again to the trunk or treat parking lot of the church. The kids loaded up on candy like you wouldn't believe. I will admit, I totally overbought candy to pass out with the hope that there would be some left over for me to just keep. I purposefully held onto my Reese's Peanut Butter Cups until the end! I was able to have that whole bag to just keep at the house. Yum. I am glad I did that because most of what the kids got was tootsie rolls and such. Not as yummy. The kids hit a few streets on the way back from the church and then they were done. 

As always, they dumped their loot on the floor as soon as they got home and sorted all their candy and then proceeded to trade with each other. I used to do that as a kid too...I guess that is just what you do!
Braden with his buddy Quinn. Scary ninjas! 
Aubree had the idea to go as Salt and Pepper with her friend Savannah.  And, um, is not the music group! A lot of people asked if she knew the group. I'm like, "she's 8, she's never heard of them!" However, I remember many a fun time singing along with their songs! I do not think I would want her singing their lyrics, though...hehe. Thanks to my friend, Megan (Savannah's mom), we ended up coming up with a pretty good costume for the girls.
Kylee made a cute Dorothy!  Thanks to my sister-in-law, Kristin, for letting us borrow it! It was my niece's costume when she was 14. Funny that Kylee fit in it perfectly. I thought for sure it would be too big but it worked out great.
Gary and I went as "Fruit Ninja's" (you know, like the app?) 
Aubree and Savannah as Salt and Pepper. They were fun to watch trick or treat together! 
My best Asian impression

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Road Trip to Disneyland!

We took a week long vacation and drove to Disneyland! We left about 8am on Sunday and stopped for the night when we got to Las Vegas. We stayed at the Golden Nugget Hotel/Casino. The favorite part of the night was the waterside! There is a clear aquarium that surrounds the waterside that is filled with sharks and huge fish! It was so fun to swim up to the aquarium and see the sharks up close and personal. It was pretty cold but the kids didn't care. They wanted to keep swimming and playing forever! We finally got out so we could go to dinner at about 8pm. Since it was close to Halloween, there were a lot of people dressed up as characters, so that was fun to see. However, some of the costumes weren't exactly kid friendly. Kylee and Aubree (and I) were embarrassed to see the bare bum of a guy dressed up like an indian and another one dressed up as cupid. There were also pictures of mostly naked women on billboards, busses, signs and taxi's. I had to explain to the kids why Las Vegas was sometimes called the "City of Sin"because there is a lot of sinning going on! They asked why everything smelled like smoke and why all the adults got to play with the video games but the kids didn't. Quite the learning experience! It was fun, though. We found these fun little splat toys that we bought for the kids and they had fun with them for a long time.  Another highlight was the breakfast buffet we went to the next morning. All the french toast, pancakes, bacon, hot chocolate and fruit that you want? Awesome. As a side note, on the way to Vegas, we stopped for lunch at KFC. Since it was a Sunday, Kylee had brought a sandwhich from home because she didn't want us to spend money. She is a good example and I was so surprised to see her do that. I had no problem eating out! She has a tender spirit and felt like it wasn't absolutely necessary to "break the sabbath" so she didn't! What a good example. She didn't have anything from home for dinner so she did let us buy her some Chinese food. But then, we had doughnuts for dessert and she didn't have any of those either!

Friday, October 26, 2012

1st Stop, Cars Land!

Our first day of Disney, we went to California Adventure. Since Cars Land was the newest installment at Disney, we hit that first. We got a fast pass for the new ride called "Radiator Springs." We got it first thing in the morning, and we couldn't come back until after 5:30pm! We walked around and went on a few rides in this area and then headed out for other attractions.

Goofy was the first character we saw and the kids got his autograph

The Mater's Junkyard Jamboree ride was fun.  However, Luigi's Flying Tires ride was a let down. Way too slow and hard to control. We even waited like 30 minutes for it. 

Phineus and Ferb put on a little show and Braden went right up and participated in it. He had fun dancing and playing along with the group! 
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Princess Lunch at Aerial's Grotto

Aerial was so sweet and pretty!

Snow White and Cinderella stopped by our table...

Then came Aurora and Belle. Gary's favorite princess is Belle, so he got to get a pic with her!
Pretty as a princess
Braden being a little overwhelmed with all the princesses!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Disney...

Our front door of our rental condo 
Cars Land looked like Moab! 
The family 

The decorations for Halloween were great! 
Star Tours with our 3-D glasses 

Kylee is a daddy's girl for sure 
I used to LOVE the tea cups. Now, not so much!  
Braden finally got picked to be part of the Star Wars trainees! He loved it and even got to fight Darth Vader. He totally showed off his mad skills!
That Darth Maul was super freaky! 
Waited in line to see Repunzel and Flynn Rider. They were great! 
Braden finally just laid down on the pavement for a little rest. 
Toon Town 
The kids hid in the brush near the entrance. Peek-a-boo!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Huntington Beach

We took a break in between our 3 day Disney adventure to go to Huntington Beach. It was awesome. There were a lot of surfers out that were fun to watch. It was in the 80's so even though the water was FREEZING, the kids and Gary had no problem playing in it. I went out and did some body surfing for a short period of time, but I was just too cold to stay out there for long!

Braving the cold! 
Gary rented a board and did some sweet boogie-boarding! 
Aubree attempted to run to the ocean with these flippers on. She fell. Oops! 
We buried Braden in the sand. I love how soft the sand is! 
There was a of wind which made it a perfect day to fly kites. We picked one up for $3 at the .97 cent store. Side note…why do they call it the .97 cent store if lots of things are more than that?

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Easter Pictures of Kids

Kylee and Aubree looking pretty in their new dresses. The Easter Bunny messed up royally this year because I...I mean "he" got Aubree the exact same Polly Pocket pack she received at Christmas AND "he" brought a dress for her that was about 3 sizes too big!! I told Aubree we could exchange both of them but she said she wanted to keep the dress. Sooo....I got to work at using my amazing sewing skills and used about 4 or 5 safety pins to pull her dress straps up and back. With the pink sweater, you can't tell too bad that she is drowning in the dress!

 Easter Sunday was so beautiful! The kids all found their new clothes and Easter goodies early in the morning. We had plenty of time to enjoy some candy, play with some new toys, and find the eggs. I was worried because we seriously couldn't find all the hard boiled eggs! You would think that I would have been able to help but we were short two eggs. I was worried about some serious stinkage that would happen but luckily, we found them within the next day or two. 

Fun, silly kids 
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Easter Party 2012

This year, we had a dinner party over at our house for Easter. We did an Easter egg hunt for the kids, rode motorcycles, and just had a nice time spending the afternoon together. 
I told them to do a funny face. This is what they came up with.

It's funny how the women always end up inside when it is either too hot or too cold outside! In this case, it was too hot. Our back porch gets scorching hot as the sun goes down. We all migrated inside at that point. This is also a "funny face" picture.
Chad's shirt was cracking me up. It's a guy running with a piece of bacon hanging out in front of him. Exercise motivation! Krehl giving a look like he is super excited and Monroe looking like he's telling someone off. Good times. 

I think the kids had a blast. Swinging, hunting eggs, the tramp and the sand box were all highlights.

Braden riding the little motorcycle with Dad.

Krehl took Monroe for a ride. tee hee hee. The kids checking out their egg loot and Melissa looking pretty in the sunshine.
More egg hunting adventures.